Emergence gets Monday nights on Nine

Nine will premiere the gripping new edge-of-your-seat thriller Emergence on Monday.

Emergence follows police chief and newly divorced mother of one Jo Evans (Allison Tolman) after she takes in and eventually fosters a young girl by the name of Piper (Alexa Swinton) left at the scene of a mysterious accident.

Piper has no recollection of what happened or who she is, and as the investigation around the accident gets under way a chilling conspiracy connected to the child’s identity begins to take shape.

Tense turns and unsettling plot twists wait at every corner of this character-driven thriller, leaving you in suspense trying to anticipate what lies beyond explanation and understanding.

The bounds of the unknown are pushed to the outermost limits as secrets begin to unravel and an impending supernatural mystery threatens to open a Pandora’s Box of chaos and intrigue.

Monday, May 4, at 9.00pm