Elly Makes a Tearful Farewell to the Neighbourhood

Elly Makes a Tearful Farewell to the Neighbourhood

Brace yourself Neighbours fans for a tearful farewell of one of Erinsborough’s most popular and controversial residents.

It’s time to say goodbye to one and only Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) as she flies off to Switzerland for a fresh start with Shaun (Brad Moller) and baby Aster.

Before she jets off though, there are tearful goodbyes all round, with Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) arriving home just in time to farewell their niece. Struggling with how quickly Elly is packing up to leave, Bea (Bonnie Anderson) doesn’t want to say goodbye to her big sister. Just how will she say goodbye?

Love of loathe Elly, it’s hard to not get a teeny bit emotional as a Jodi signs off after four years. Over that time, we’ve seen her go from getting a drink spiked on her, being bitten by a snake, and an ill-fated wedding where she slept with her future sister-in-law, to faking a pregnancy, giving birth at knifepoint, and being charged with manslaughter and temporarily losing custody of her daughter. Yes, all of that happened to one person in the span of four years – it kind of makes you realise just how crazy life can be in Erinsborough.

Sarah Mayberry pens a lowkey but fitting exit for a character whose impact will still be felt in the weeks ahead.

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