Elly and Becky’s Love Story Begins.

Elly and Becky’s Love Story Begins.

On tonight’s enchanting premiere episode of The Bachelorette Australia, country gals, best friends and sisters, Elly and Becky Miles started their search for love.

Having fallen for Matt Agnew in last year’s season of The Bachelor Australia,
this wasn’t Elly’s first rodeo. Knowing the process works, Elly couldn’t wait to find love, with her best friend, Becky, by her side.

In a world first, the sisters welcomed 20 handsome, accomplished Bachelors to the mansion in the hopes of finding their soul mate. Before their first suitor walked down the red carpet, the ladies were greeted by Osher, who gifted them with a Country Rose, which was to be given to the one Bachelor who made the best first impression.

From balloon bouquets, dolphin calls and even a full-blown cupid, our 20 dashing Bachelor’s did their best to impress Elly and Becky. While AB’s dance moves down the red carpet left the Bachelorette’s gobsmacked, it was the arrival of Joe, that really stole the show. Having hung out with Elly before entering the mansion, the pair were shocked when they reconnected on the red carpet.

At the cocktail party, Elly and Becky told the gentlemen how excited they were to get to know them, before announcing the recipient of the highly coveted Country Rose. Harry’s from-the-heart conversation on the red carpet was enough to secure the Country Rose, and score himself a double date. He’d also have the power to choose the second gentleman to fill out the foursome.

Feeling a stronger connection with Elly, Harry decided to be strategic and take Shannon, who was smitten with Becky on the date with him.

While the lads were discussing which sister they felt a stronger spark with, Joe revealed that he and Elly had gone on a pre-Bachelorette date.

Between Joe and Elly’s prior connection, and the Country Rose going to Harry and Shannon, the Bachelors were left wondering if they’d done enough to make a lasting impression.

At an electric Rose Ceremony, Becky and Elly called forth their chosen gentlemen. When Becky called AB forward, the dancing dynamo politely declined his rose, letting Becky know that he’d rather be honest about his feelings now, and not lead her on. In the end, we farewelled Nick and Samuel, who gifted us all with a parting dolphin kiss.

Next time, our Bachelorettes enjoy their Country Rose date and a saucy photoshoot causes a stir among the boys.