Eleven finally screens Dexter and The Crazy Ones

Eleven finally screens Dexter and The Crazy Ones

There’s  some fresh new content coming to Eleven next week.

Dexter fans will finally see how the show ends when Eleven screens season 8 next week.

It has been six months since Deb fatally shot LaGuerta in last season’s finale episode. Having walked out on her job in the police force, Deb finds herself on a dark and dangerous path, living off prescription medication and abusing illegal substances.

A new serial killer dubbed “The Brain Surgeon” is on the loose in Miami. Dr. Vogel, a neuro-psychiatrist frequently referred to as the “psychopath whisperer”, offers her help to the police. After several loaded conversations with Dexter, it appears that she may hold clues to his past

10:30 pm Monday on Eleven

Also getting a run next week is the short lived comedy The Crazy Ones which is the late Robin Williams final television role.  The series also stars Sarah Michele Geller and ran for 22 episodes.

Simon Roberts and daughter Sydney’s advertising agency risks loosing its only major client, MacDonalds, who likes none of their campaign concepts. Simon promises a modern version of a 1980s hit one, starring a major vocal artist. The only option in the given time is haughty Kelly Clarkson, who is promised she can use the video as a launch path for her career shift into sexy. Simon counts on his irresistible deputy Zach Cropper’s womanizer magic to talk her over during the recording session

9 PM Friday May 22 on Eleven