Elementary and Modern Family Return to Sunday

Elementary  and Modern Family Return to Sunday

Two US shows are returning to Australian screens this weekend with new seasons.

Modern Family will return at 7:30 PM this Sunday with a double episode to kick off it’s 5th season.

“Suddenly, Last Summer & First Days”
Phil and Claire are trying to orchestrate a kid-free week by coordinating Luke’s camp with Haley’s beach trip and Alex’s volunteering excursion. Meanwhile, Luke and Manny have their first day at high school.

At 8:30 PM the second season of Elementary

Season 2, Episode 1 ‘Step Nine’

In the Elementary season two premiere, Holmes and Watson travel to London to help track down an old mentor and investigate an unsolved mystery. Meanwhile, Sherlock’s estranged brother Mycroft Holmes (Rhys Ifans) reunites with Sherlock and reveals some secrets of his own.




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