Echoes Review

Echoes Review

Today, Netflix unveils their new limited crime series Echoes.

Echoes tells the story of identical twins Gina and Leni (both payed by Michelle Monaghan). Gina is a successful songwriter in La who happily lives in a mansion with her husband Charlie (Daniel Sunjata). Meanwhile Leni and her husband Jack (Matt Bomer) reside on a large ranch in Mount Echo, where something isn’t quite right…

The manipulative duo swap lives every year in secret to enjoy their two distinct careers and marriages, and to share one daughter. This is something they have become quite good at until Leni goes missing under suspicious circumstances, leaving Gina to returned to her childhood town to help find her sister.

The lines between good and evil become blurred, much to the anger of their father (Michael O’Neill) and their other sister Claudia (Ali Stroker), a victim of the twins’ misadventures. It’s up to local sheriff Louise Floss (Karen Robinson) to sort everything out, but telling you anything more would spoil the series…

Creator Vanessa Gazy certainly knows how to hook with an interesting first episode that sets up everything. Sure, there are some twists that you might see coming from a mile away, but with Monaghan clearly having fun it’s an enjoyable watch nonetheless.

3 Stars

Echoes is now available to stream on Netflix.


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