Eat Well for Less comes to Nine on Tuesdays

The inspiring, money-saving series Eat Well for Less is getting a series of local specials.

Join hosts, Nine journalist Leila McKinnon and celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue, on a mission to show Australians how to eat well for a lot less in a program that will change the shopping, cooking and eating habits of the nation.

In two 90-minute specials, McKinnon and O’Donoghue take families who are cash-strapped and time-poor, seize their shopping trolleys, and then transform their lives meal by meal. From secret tips and tricks to public taste tests, it’s a show full of fascinating insights into exactly what we put into our fridges, cupboards and mouths.

Too many Aussies are making basic shopping mistakes – throwing out food at the end of the week and spending too much money on convenience foods and big brands. Eat Well For Less will show the average family what to buy and where to buy it so they can shop, cook and eat well for less without compromising on quality.

Finance expert Ross Greenwood and comedian Merrick Watts also join in to offer easy, money-saving food tips for all Australians to follow.

Our cash-strapped and time poor families are pleasantly surprised to find that with a few handy tips and tricks along with changing their shopping, cooking and eating habits, that they can easily save thousands of dollars annually on their grocery bills.

Eat Well for Less  premieres  Tuesday, May 15, at 7.30pm on Nine