Drunk History Australia October 12

Drunk History Australia October 12

Next week Drunk History Australia delves into Gough Whitlam’s Dismissal And A War Against Emus.

Today’s political shenanigans don’t come close to the constitutional crisis of 1975, which saw Australians start the day with one Prime Minister and end it with another… from the other side.

A well liquored James Mathison tells the story of how Gough Whitlam was dismissed by John Kerr, while Malcolm Fraser was in the same house hiding in a back room!

Did you know that between the first and second World Wars, Australia fought another war? Against Emus. And we lost.

In 1932, the wheat harvest in Campion, Western Australia, was on the verge of being destroyed by hordes of emus and Australia sent in the military.

Thousands of rounds of ammunition were expended but only a few dozen emus fell. In the end, the battle was called off. Joel Creasey tells the true story of Australia’s forgotten war – the Emu War.  

9:30pm Monday on 10