Driving Test returns to Nine next week

Driving Test returns to Nine next week
Will they pass or will they fail? Follow learner drivers’ attempts to pass their licence test when the fly-on-the-wall series Driving Test returns to Nine next week.

Set in the Top End, Darwin provides the scenic backdrop for Driving Test, which takes viewers on a unique ride with 60 Northern Territory hopefuls eager to reach their goal of independence and freedom by getting that all-important licence.

We meet a rich variety of characters, such as Rose who is “sick of the bus”, and double the trouble with twins Xavier and Quinn, as an array of learner drivers attempt to master manoeuvres including three-point turns, kerbside parking and the dreaded hill start.

Watching the learners’ every move as they attempt to make the grade are instructors from Andrews Driving School and Palmerston Driving School.

Andrew Szauer is the powerhouse behind Andrews Driving School who looks tough but on the inside is patient, considerate and sympathetic towards his students as he navigates their mistakes and tantrums when things don’t go to plan.

Mark Smith is Andrew’s business partner. He takes his responsibility for getting safe drivers onto our roads very seriously, despite the occasional dad joke to ensure his students still have fun.

Glen Holmes is the man behind the family-run Palmerston Driving School, joined by wife Melissa, an Australian motocross champion, and Scott, Melissa’s younger brother. Then there’s Errol, Glen’s older brother, who completes the Palmerston Driving School team.


Driving Test returns on Tuesday, December 1, at 7.30pm on Nine