Dream Home teams stumped by site shutdown

Tonight on Dream Home: A site shutdown threw teams into chaos; Queensland tradie brothers, Rhys and Liam, pulled off a cunning negotiation, while Victorian sisters, Taeler and Ellie, showed their hand as fierce competitors.

Taeler and Ellie’s House (Watsonia): The teams listened intently to Taelar and Ellie’s detailed design brief: natural materials, textures and tones to create a modern 70s aesthetic with bold gestures. With the budget divided evenly between them, the teams then decided who would take on which rooms in Ellie’s 1960s merchant builder home.

Brothers Rhys and Liam were allocated the kitchen, dining, pantry and laundry areas, while NSW husband and wife team, Lara and Peter, took bedroom two and the living area. The married couple haphazardly conceded two metres for Rhys and Liam’s dining area, a decision they immediately regretted.

Rookie renovators and parents of four teenagers, Brad and Mel from Victoria, chose the bathroom and main bedroom, but struggled to measure up both areas.

Brad and Mel’s house (Northcote): With four teenage children, Brad and Mel’s design brief centred on functionality for a family of six. The couple currently slept in a room off the dining room with no wall in between, and the family shared one bathroom.

Queensland’s Hannah and Jonny, new parents of twins, chose to renovate the living area and bedroom two. Sisters Taeler and Ellie chose bedroom four and the bathroom, while married NSW couple Jacinta and Jordan, took on the dining and kitchen areas.

With Brad and Mel’s sons’ bedrooms at the front of the house, Hannah and Taeler agreed to matching block-out blinds to keep the appearance consistent. But Taeler wasn’t happy with Hannah’s blind choice and opted to make a completely different selection.

She said it was fine to be different because the backing of both curtains would be white. But when Taeler returned to the house, Hannah asked her which option she’d selected, and Taeler opted to play vague. She said she couldn’t remember which blind she chose, leaving Hannah annoyed at her evasiveness.

As renovations progressed, it was discovered that the back half of Brad and Mel’s 73-year-old property was lower than the front. The house needed to be re-stumped, and the site was shut down to accommodate the work. But with only 10 days to deliver their rooms, the teams started to panic.


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