Dream Home Homeowners in awe of reveals as illness and injury hits the competition

Dream Home Homeowners in awe of reveals as illness and injury hits the competition

Tonight on Dream Home: Homeowners Brad and Mel and Taeler and Elle were in awe to see their first renovated rooms, before illness and injury caused havoc on the building sites.

Watsonia Renovation

Homeowners: Taeler and Elle

Renovators: Brad and Mel; Lara and Peter; Rhys and Liam

After shrinking the study down last week to accommodate their separate powder room, Mel and Brad opted out of delivering the study, frustrating the other teams.

After a stalemate, Rhys and Liam stepped forward to take the hard space in addition to a bedroom, hallway and ensuite. Lara and Peter were allocated a hallway and home facade, while Brad and Mel claimed the master bedroom and walk-in robe.

To realise their dream bathroom, Rhys and Liam successfully negotiated floor space from Brad and Mel’s walk-in robe.

Brad and Mel were planning a luxury hotel-style combined walk-in robe and master bedroom with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and hidden LED lighting. But they started to panic that their budget might fall short of the luxe look they were hoping to achieve.

Peter and Lara were two days into the ambitious transformation of the façade when Lara became ill. After seeing a doctor, Lara was told to rest, leaving Peter to do the work—and make decisions—on his own.

Northcote Renovation

Homeowners: Brad and Mel

Renovators: Taeler and Elle; Hannah and Jonny; Jordan and Jacinta

Sisters Taeler and Elle took on the mammoth task of restoring a heritage facade and a bedroom for Brad and Mel’s 12-year-old daughter, Ginger. Jordan and Jacinta were allocated the laundry, master bedroom and walk-in robe. Hannah and Jonny decided to tackle the hallway, upstairs ensuite, and 14-year-old Maya’s bedroom.

To make their upstairs master bedroom spectacular, Jordan and Jacinta opted for an eye-catching polished Venetian plaster, hoping the wow factor would take them from 4th place on the leaderboard into the Top 3.

Hannah and Jonny’s ensuite plans were thrown into chaos when the council rejected their application to remove a window. In a moment of frustration, Jonny hit his head, and the medics were called in. The chaos of the day also took its toll on Hannah, who was emotional and said she didn’t know what she was doing.

After delays, the plasterboard sheeting arrived, but was offloaded into Taeler and Elle’s façade space, stopping them from getting anything done.


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