Dream Home couple forced to change kitchen plans  

Dream Home couple forced to change kitchen plans  

Tonight on Dream Home: Jacinta and Jordan’s kitchen measurements didn’t add up, while Lara and Peter’s living room footprint continued to shrink before their eyes.

Watsonia Renovation

Homeowners: Taeler and Elle

Renovators: Brad and Mel; Lara and Peter; Rhys and Liam

Renovation rookies Brad and Mel tackled the bathroom and main bedroom, deciding to change the bathroom layout and make the toilet a separate powder room. The new layout stole space from the unallocated study, sparking some concern among the other teams

As Brad and Mel excitedly continued with their build, they realised the stone behind their toilet was too long. They’d need to move the wall further back to accommodate it, leaving just 1500mm for the study.

With Elle’s brief for a “grand and showstopping kitchen” front of mind, Queensland brothers Rhys and Liam were busy installing a curved wall in the kitchen when Rhys, who had left his two-week-old son at home to compete, decided he needed to head home for a day, leaving Liam in charge.

Adding to their space woes, NSW couple Lara and Peter discovered that Rhys and Liam’s island bench was three metres long and one metre wide. To make room for the brothers’ massive bench, they had to concede two metres of their living room footprint.

Northcote Renovation

Homeowners: Brad and Mel

Renovators: Taeler and Elle; Hannah and Jonny; Jordan and Jacinta

With the re-stumping complete, Taeler and Elle and Hannah and Jonny returned to work on the site.

But with the extension put on hold during the re-stumping, Jordan and Jacinta – in charge of the kitchen and dining areas – had to use sticks in the dirt to draw out their plans. This move backfired when their installed kitchen cabinets didn’t match up. With no time to change the cabinets, Jacinta and Jordan had to adapt the rest of the kitchen to make them fit, killing Jacinta’s dream of having the island bench to be symmetrical to the window.

Allocated the main bathroom with a brief of “functionality for six people”, Taeler and Elle opted to create three areas – a double vanity in the centre, a toilet to the left, and a shower to the right.

The pair also included a secret door to the bathroom from 16-year-old Spencer’s bedroom, which Jacinta considered “a little weird.”

Tomorrow night on Dream Home: The countdown to the very first Dream Home room reveals is on, and the six teams are hard at work renovating Elle’s house in Watsonia, and Brad and Mel’s home in Northcote. And with only four days left until judging, the pressure is on.


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