Drama Ahead in Erinsborough as Robert Returns Again

Drama Ahead in Erinsborough as Robert Returns Again

It was the weekend cliffhanger that has everyone on tenterhooks and tonight Neighbours fans are in for a real treat.

When we left Erinsborough on Friday, Harlow (Jemma Donovan) was looking for other potential donors for David (Takaya Honda), who’s condition continues to worsen. One donor is, naturally, Harlow’s father and David’s half-brother Robert (Adam Hunter). After agreeing to meet with Harlow and Roxie (Zima Anderson), the pair are off on a road trip that could potentially save David’s life.

Having been unable to meet Robert when she arrived in Erinsborough back in July, Harlow is finally getting the chance to meet her father. But has she overstepped the line and re-opened a dangerous door in the Robinson family history?

Will Robert agree to save his half-brother? And more importantly, how will Paul (Stefen Dennis) react to this turn of events?

It was a delight to see Robert earlier in the year, so to have him back again is a real treat, especially since we finally get to see Harlow interact with her father. Here’s hoping we see more of this Robinson connection as this part of the storyline unfolds.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm weeknights  on 10 Peach


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