Dr Harry’s Craziest House Calls on 7

Dr Harry’s Craziest House Calls on 7

He’s one of Australia’s best TV Vets who has made a lot of house calls over the years and a lot I am sure never went to plan.

Dr Harry has come to the rescue of hundreds of pet owners over the years. In this special we bring you the best of his housecalls! There’s dogs gone wild with barking, biting and chewing everything in sight. Including the dog who hates the lawn mower. Angry birds who will stop at nothing to show their love for their owners. Escape artists who can’t be contained. Animals with the need for speed including surfing mice. And don’t forget the pets who will do anything for food. Plus the woman who dyes her chickens pink and purple. There’s dribblers, lickers and even more chewers….plus scaredy cats and dogs who belt out a tune. This special features the craziest animal behaviours from the best Dr Harry’s house calls from Better Homes and Gardens, all tackled with Dr Harry’s trademark calm and collected expert advice.

Dr Harry’s Craziest House Calls 7:30pm Tuesday on Seven.



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