Dr Death Season 2 Review

Dr Death Season 2 Review

Stan has unleashed a new season of the highly-anticipated Dr Death.

The anthology series, which told the story of Christopher Munch (Joshua Jackson) in season one, now shifts its focus to transplant patients.

Imagery of bloodied hands and a transplant patient gasping for breath open the new season and set the tone for what viewers can expect. 

Paolo Macchiarini (Edgar Ramirez), a Swiss-Italian surgeon and medical researcher, has revolutionised regenerative medicine and organ transplantation by inventing synthetic windpipes. It’s through this that he meets Benita Alexander (Mandy Moore), a talented journalist working as a producer while juggling a busy career with a young daughter, Lizzi (Celestina Harris), and her ex-husband’s terminal cancer diagnosis.

Benita interviews Paolo for a segment on his miracle procedure, and despite the complications that would arise for her professionally, the pair begin a love affair. Their relationship is mostly full of joy, but a few weeks before tying the knot, she discovers the truth about her lover and her search for justice underpins the second-half of the season.

Ramierz and Moore have excellent chemistry, and it pays off in pulling you into the story. Before you realise it, you will be devouring the season in one sitting.

Creator Ashley Michael Hoban juggles the terrifying and complex, with episodes 4 and 5 in particular standing out among the series’ best.

Take a break from the Christmas viewing with an unmissable true crime binge.

4 Stars

Season 2 of Dr Death is now streaming on Stan.


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