Domain Listings Challenge On The Block

In 24 hours 100 buyers will converge on The Block for the Domain Listings challenge and all of the Blockheads are working frantically to get the houses ready. They are renovating their master ensuite bathrooms this week but that has taken a back step because of the $50,000 prize money that is awarded to whoever wins the Domain Listings Challenge.

Tom the plumber heads to Kyle and Leslie’s house to give them $10,000 for the BOB award (Best On Block), and this upsets Kristy as she doesn’t think they deserve it.

Ash has a major dispute with Keith and Dan and Nine In Six, who are The Block builders. The issue is he wants to provide photos for a waterproof inspection but the Formeans are having none of it. He brings up a very valid point, a few weeks back Eliza and LIberty were able to send photos in to get an inspection approved.

Is it one rule for the girls and another rules for the others on The Block?

Eliza hears about Ash bringing up House No.5 and confronts him, and Ash calmly tries to prove his point. As Eliza speaks to Leah and Ash, they talk about the elephant in the room – Kristy’s behaviour. Eliza says Kristy and Brett have a terrible reputation with the crew in the builders, but is she going over the top with the accusations?

Leah and Ash both are becoming very reflective, and think about what their three children will think about their behaviour so far on The Block back home. Leah unravels and there are tears. Is she regretting being friends with Kristy at all?

All the drama comes as the 100 buyers arrive for the Domain Listings challenge. This includes Adrian Portelli, who famously under bidded on Omar and Oz’s winning house in Gisborne which made national headlines. Adrian looks through all the houses and chooses House 3 as his favourite.

Steph and Gian impress all the 100 buyers as they vote for their favourite house, and they take out the win easily for House No. 4 . They win an incredible $50,000 in prize money thanks to Domain.

But it’s the after party of the Domain Listings challenge that will rock The Block like never before.


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