Dogstar Christmas Special to air on 9Go

This Friday Dogstar fans are invited back on board in a brand new Christmas special.

Once again all the world’s dogs are lost in space, and it’s up to the three Clark kids – Glenn (voiced byBrandon Burns), Simone (Kate McLennan) and Lincoln (Emma Leonard) – to rescue them and bring them all safely home before Christmas.

It is just two days before Christmas in the year 2349, when every dog in the world, including the Clark kids’ beloved pet, Hobart, suddenly disappears. The Clark kids make a pact to find every single dog and bring them home to Earth before Christmas … but not everyone is keen to see the pets return.

Narrated by Shaun Micallef, Dogstar Christmas in Space features an all-star cast of Australia’s most recognised vocal talents, including Marg Downey, Matt Tilley and Michael Veitch.

Join the Clark kids on their ultimate adventure as they make new friends, face old foes and meet new ones. But can they save all the world’s dogs in time for Christmas? Or is it up to some extra special Christmas magic to come to the rescue?


Dogstar: Christmas in Space. premieres Friday, December 16, at 6.00pm on 9GO!