Doctor Shaw Didn’t-See-It-Coming

Brains made their inevitable return to Tribal Council on tonight’s Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn.

Back at Brawn, poor ol’ Simon was in a vulnerable position and searched everywhere for an Idol. Like a gift from God, the apprentice carpenter spotted it perched up on the branch of a tree, beautifully glistening and ready for the taking. This is the advantage he needed to turn his game around.

At the Reward Challenge, opposing Tribe members squared off one on one, in a log rolling competition. The first person to fall out, was also out of the challenge. With the best out of three, prison guard Dani channeled her inner-Terminator and sealed the deal for Brawn.

Brawn headed back to camp ecstatic with their win, and the toasted sandwiches! Simon enjoyed the reward with the rest of the Tribe before making his way over to the hessian sacks and, incredibly, finds another Immunity Idol. Feeling absolutely unstoppable in this game, what Simon didn’t realise was that champion woodchopper Gerald had spotted him. 

The next Immunity Challenge resembled a muddy version of a carnival game. With each Tribe member carrying a ball, they were tasked to roll it into a shoot, through a mud pit and finally attempt to land it in an overhead frame. George holds up the Brains Tribe and loses the challenge for them.

After his poor performance at the Challenge and knowing the majority of the Brains wanted him gone, a paranoid George donned his Idol and made a grand entrance back into camp. Everyone was shell-shocked. 

Georgia, Joey, Andrew and Laura were now left to come up with a new target. Joey suggested Mitch who has been posing as a leader around camp and getting people off-side, so they share the new plan with Rachel who jumps on board. What the core four didn’t know, was that Rachel and Hayley were actually swing votes and very excited for Tribal Council.

As the Brains Tribe arrived at Tribal Council, they agreed that the night was about trust. Tonight’s vote would determine who is with who. After an argument between Joey and George, a line was drawn in the sand. The votes were close between Laura and Mitch, with the result determined by who Rachel and Hayley voted for. In the end, they sided with Joey and alliance, sending Dr. Mitch home.


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