Discovery sets Aussie Gold Hunters specials

The massive fifth season of Discovery’s hit local series   comes to an end this week, but the gold hunt continues with three unmissable specials that serve up some of the biggest moments in the show’s history.

Over five seasons of gold, sweat and tears, we’ve witnessed the soaring highs and crushing lows faced by our crews of resilient gold prospectors and some history-making discoveries. From the biggest and hardest won nuggets, to the extreme and dangerous outback conditions they have to overcome on the hunt for gold and the measures they’ll take to protect their hard-won bounty from poachers, find out why audiences around the world have gold fever for Aussie Gold Hunters.

EP 1: COUNTDOWN TO THE MOTHERLODE – Thursday 17 September at 7:30pm

This episode counts down to the number one gold find from the first four seasons. From the most bizarre to the deepest dig, relive the highs, the lows and the exhaustion of these heroes who stop at nothing on their quest to find that life-changing payday and, of course, the biggest nugget of them all.

EP 2: SURVIVING THE WILDERNESS – Thursday 24 September at 7:30pm

News headlines are packed with shocking and bizarre stories of unprepared travellers and prospectors dying in the harsh wilderness of the Australian outback. The Aussie Gold Hunters have also had their fair share of life-threatening encounters, having overcome storms, snakes, incredible heat, bushfires, remote salt lakes, deserts and getting lost in the bush on their quest to strike it rich.

EP 3: GOLD FEVER – Thursday 1 October at 7:30pm 

The prospectors’ obsession with gold pushes them to extraordinary lengths in their quest to unearth a fortune. But it also drives gold hungry thieves to break the law, and risk life and limb to poach from the prospectors’ leases. In this episode, we look back at the highly charged and sometimes erratic measures the teams have gone to in order to find gold and protect it. In the wild west, gold fever leads to explosive confrontations.

Aussie Gold Hunters Specials from Thursday 17 September at 7:30pm on Discovery.