Dilruk Jayasinha Farewells The Jungle.

Dilruk Jayasinha Farewells The Jungle.

I’m A Celebrity has well and truly begin after its first elimination took place last night.

After a very messy, very public, and a very recent split from her ex-boyfriend, it seems Charlotte Crosby has shifted her attention towards another fine specimen. And no, we aren’t referring to Ryan Gallagher.

It seems Charlotte has struck up an interest in a resident baboon on site which she has affectionately renamed Elvis.

Speaking out about her shambolic split to UK reality star, Joshua Ritchie, Crosby told the girls he had requested their split be amicable before accepting a spot on UK television series, Celebs Go Dating. Charlotte said she was blindsided by the promotional footage from the show, where Josh disclosed that his relationship was toxic and he had a lot to offer another girl.

On the topic of strange relationship behaviour, Rhonda Burchmore opened up about an eerie note she received from an obsessed lover who she lost her virginity to. A notorious over sharer, Rhonda divulged to the camp that her first time doing the deed was with her university lecturer.

Also spilling the tea, AFL legends Billy Brownless and Dale Thomas revealed the differing pay packets of players today compared to back in the day.

Billy revealed he was paid $120,000-a-year at the height of his career, but had to juggle a full-time job and football commitments. By comparison, his son Oscar, who was drafted last year, has a starting salary of $80,000, plus has his rent covered.

Dale said AFL pay packets increased in the 2000’s after an increase in player demands. He also disclosed on the drafting process, telling the camp that clubs go as far as to call school principals to gauge on work ethic and behaviour for new recruits.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house (or camp) as the celebrities went through the reasons they nominated their chosen charities. Tanya Hennessy shared the shocking statistics of suicide and why RUOK?’s awareness strategy is so crucial.

Rhonda got emotional as she touched on her personal experience with her sisters fatal motor neurone disease diagnosis, and the wonderful work of her selected charity, Neura.

But it was Ryan and Nikki Osborne who really made our hearts bleed. Speaking about her son’s autism and her charity Autism Spectrum Australia, Nikki expressed her desire for the ‘abnormal’ to become ‘normal’, highlighting some of the judgement parents of autistic children receive from the uneducated public.

Ryan opened up about his mother’s life-long battle with cancer, citing that her cancer is now active and he is unsure of what state she will be in when he returns home.

Later in the show, Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that funny guy Dilruk Jayasinha was the first celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Witty and warm, Dilruk was well-loved in camp and struck up a surprising relationship with Charlotte.   Dilruk, Charlotte and Tanya bonded over the pain that comes with bullying, both from the school yard and online trolls.

In perhaps his most candid camp conversation, Dilruk opened up about his addiction to alcohol, which stemmed from a lack of self-confidence.

Dilruk competed in two trials, the most memorable being When Bingo Bites Back, where himself and Nikki screamed “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

Dilruk may be on his way back home to Oz, but  another A-list celebrity is on the next flight out and headed for South Africa.

Who is the global gossip mogul? Be watching Sunday night to find out.