Diary of a Future President review

Diary of a Future President review

This week, Disney+ unveils its newest original series.

Diary of a Future President tells the story of Elena Cañero-Reed (Tess Romero), a 12-year-old Cubian-American who we see become the President (Gina Rodrigeuz, Jane The Virgin). During the opening moments of the series, she’s delivered a package that contains her old diary. It is here where the series begin as we follow Elena’s journey through her diary entries.


In the first episode watched ahead of this review, we follow Elena during middle school, as an unabashed, ultra-observant 12-year-old with a strong point of view. Here she’s thrown a bunch of curveballs, from forgetting a homework assignment for the first time ever, to struggling to with whether or not to keep a secret about her former best friend Jessica (Harmeet K. Pandey), who has found a new friend in Melissa (Sanai Victoria). Elena isn’t alone though, with best friend Sasha (Carmina Garay), who both gush over how cute Joey (Tiernan Jones) is.


Outside of school, we also meet Elena’s older brother Bobby (Charlie Bushnell), who is both sweet and mischievous. Raising both of them is their smart and caring mother Gabi (Selenis Leyva), who’s just started a new relationship with Sam (Michael Weaver), a co-worker at the law firm.


Created by Ilana Peña, who also penned the pilot episode, Diary of a Future President has a fresh new cast who bring this delightful story to life. Tess Romero is captivating as Elena and I can’t wait to see the journey ahead. Charlie Bushnell also makes his mark in his first every role. This is certainly a cast to watch.

Charming, empowering and intriguing, Diary of a Future President has the potential to be your kids (and yours) new favourite show.

3 Stars

Diary of a Future President begins Friday January 17 on Disney+, with new episodes dropping weekly.