Devastating Drama Ahead For Neighbours Favourite

Devastating Drama Ahead For Neighbours Favourite

Neighbours fans were left in shock last night when one of Ramsay Street’s favourite doctors was clipped by a passing car.

The doctor, of course, is David Tanaka (Takaya Honda), who was out on a late night bike ride after a fight with husband Aaron (Matt Wilson) about keeping the fight club Ned (Ben Hall) has been involved in a secret.

When we return to Erinsborough tonight, a distraught Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is the first on the scene, finding an injured and unconscious David, who is quickly rushed to Erinsborough Hospital. Adding to the stress of the situation, when Paul (Stefan Dennis) queries why Terese was out so late on Power Road, she’s faced with two choices – admit her drinking relapse, or continue hiding the problem.

As doctors work to save David, Aaron is crushed by the thought that his last moments with his husband was a fight – will he get a chance to repair the damage? Although David makes it through the night, his injuries are severe with the chance of him waking slim. Could Erinsborough be about to lose a beloved resident?

While I don’t want to give away the outcome of the episode and the many questions posed, a huge round of applause must go to writer Ceinwen Langley for penning such an emotional instalment that gave Matt Wilson a chance to take centre stage after spending the last few weeks in the background of everyone else’s stories.

Stock up on the chocolate and tissues because you’re in for a bumpy ride, one that will hopefully have a happy ending. Otherwise we’re going to need more chocolate and tissues.

Neighbours airs on 10Peach at 6:30pm.