Des Dashes Back To Erinsborough

Des Dashes Back To Erinsborough

Neighbours is ending 2020 on a high by bringing back a much-loved 80s resident.

After Roxy (Zima Anderson) suggested to Sheila (Colette Mann) that Jane (Annie Jones) still has feelings for former flame Des (Paul Keane), Sheila gets an idea that will hopefully help her get Clive back. Reaching out to Des, her vague pieces of information about Jane has Des concerned and on a plane to Erinsborough.

How is Sheila going use Des to get Clive back, and just how will Roxy tell Sheila the truth about her conversation with Jane?

One thing’s for sure, it’s nice to see Des pop back for his third visit of the year. Let’s hope it’s a lengthy stay as we end 2020 on a high and kickstart the New Year in style.

Neighbours airs weeknights at 6:30 pm on 10Peach. There will not be an episode on  New Years Day