Dermott Brereton Farewells The Jungle.

Last night I’m a Celebrity lost a huge contender for the title.

Natasha has made no secret of the fact her career in journalism has seen some extremely dark times and tonight she revealed two gripping stories about her narrow escape from terrorists in the Middle East.

Speaking to a transfixed Luke, Shane and Dermott, a brave Tash described how she ran away from a pack of suspicious males who followed her into a hotel lift and then later, sprinted from a motorcycle bomb. Tash touched on the importance of following one’s instinct and how doing so saved her life.

Last night he grilled chef Justine Schofield over her love life, and tonight roving reporter Richard got the lowdown from camp bestie Angie on what she is looking for in a prospective male.

Naming humour and ambition as relationship must-haves, Richard tried to re-float the idea of her giving Justin Lacko a second look.

First, he had us covering our ears over the tale of his toilet encounter with ex-Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, and then Shane had us wiping our eyes over his beautiful reaction to missing his family.

Opening up to Natasha about the immense struggle from being away from his boys, Shane later retreated up to the Tok Tokkie where he fought with himself to hold back tears.

Meanwhile, Angie, Yvie and Luke arrived at jungle kindergarten to take part in the ghastly eating trial, Kindy Surprise.

Based around classic nursery rhymes and not the delicious chocolate egg, the trio had to endure various cuisines such as python eggs, rats legs, roasted tarantula, lamb heart and goats brain, all of which complemented a specific childhood jingle.

While Angie and Yvie were able to convince themselves that what they were eating was delish, poor spluttering Luke failed to keep it all down.

Later in the show, Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that AFL legend Dermott Brereton was the fifth celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

A true blue Aussie bloke, and a certified DILF according to his daughters friends, Dermott was a well-liked member of the jungle clique.

Partial to a nudie run, Dermy came out of his shell with the arrival of former AFL superstar Shane Crawford.

Like two peas in a pod, or a Hawthorn Footy Club locker room, the mischievous pair brought out each other’s playful and youthful side.

Dermott made headlines with the story of his 1990 Cleo Bachelor Of The Year win, which led him to an intimate dinner with Pamela Anderson…and Shane Warne.

Dermott competed in two trials, the most memorable being Meal Of Fortune, where he spluttered, gagged and vomited his way through a round table full of revolting dishes.

Tune in tonight to see Shane partake in the claustrophobic chamber trial, Last Gasp, and Dr Chris and Julia announce the sixth jungle evictee.