Demise By Drone

Demise By Drone

In tonight’s episode of Hunted, the Cyber Intelligence team went undercover in an attempt to track down gamers Ben and Callum, an online booking had the Hunters circling Ed and Jimi, and Boxer and Coach duo, Taylah and Glenn, had the Hunters hot on their heels but much to the Hunter’s frustration, they slipped through their fingers once again.

After last night’s dramatic capture of Gracie, her aunt Megan had managed to evade the Hunter teams Alpha and Bravo, a mere 500 metres away from where Gracie was captured, but a drone was successfully deployed to flush Megan out, leading to the capture of the Hunter’s second Fugitive team.

Since day one, fugitive friends Ed and Jimi had been laying low in Melbourne’s East, while Jimi’s mum, Joanne had driven 1000 kms to help them escape the suburbs. However, the Cyber Team discovered their next moves through Joanne’s online hotel booking. Ground Hunter team Bravo was dispatched, but the vigilant duo managed to escape on foot.

Meanwhile at the Hunted HQ, the Cyber team had their sights set on gamer friends Ben and Callum, who had caused trouble during their attempts to infiltrate the Hunter’s network. Cyber team member Steph, discovered that Callum and Ben shared a home with Callum’s fiancé Sarah. Seeking payback, she paid Sarah a visit under the guise of an admin assistant to gain access to the Fugitives’ home computers.

Boxer and coach duo, Glenn and Taylah moved from Bendigo to Melbourne, securing a new car to hit the road. Soon after, they ditched the car and secured a lift from a stranger. Borrowing the stranger’s phone to arrange a safe haven, they were unaware that many of their associates’ phones had been put on intercept by the Hunters. The Hunters overheard their next plan and deployed ground teams Bravo and Charlie to the large complex in Richmond where the duo were headed. Unfortunately for the Hunters, they went to the wrong apartment, allowing Glenn and Taylah to hit the road, narrowly evading capture once again


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