Deadloch Commissioned by Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video announced today at the Prime Video Presents event in Sydney it has commissioned the new Australian Original comedy series Deadloch.

The Tasmanian town of Deadloch, a once-sleepy seaside hamlet, is left reeling when a local man turns up dead on the beach. Two female detectives are thrown together to solve the case, uptight local Senior Sergeant Dulcie Collins, and a rough as guts blow in from Darwin, Senior Investigator Eddie Redcliffe. ‘The Kates’ latest creation is a feminist noir comedy set against a bucolic backdrop with a rising body count. 

“With Australians renowned for their sense of humor and with their proven track record and exceptional writing, we’re delighted to be working with The Kates’ on this wonderful blend of mystery, intrigue and comedy, that will be a fresh, unique series to showcase to our Prime customers in Australia and around the world,” said Erika North, Head of Originals, Asia Pacific, at Amazon Studios. “Guesswork Television are the foremost producers of comedies in Australia and are previous partners of Amazon having produced our Australian Standup Comedy specials in 2020.” 

Deadloch is a feminist, noir, murder comedy series” said Kate McCartney. “The opportunity to launch this exciting new series on Prime Video is a massive career highlight for us, and we can’t wait for the viewers globally to see it.” 

Kate McLennan added: “Deadloch is a move away from straight comedy writing and offered a wonderful opportunity to expand our ideas and creativity. The characters are complex, intriguing and deeply flawed. Naturally, we have had the best time bringing them to life and can’t wait for audiences around the world to get to know them.”

Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan are best known for showrunning, writing, directing and starring in satirical comedies The Katering Show and Get Krack!n, both of which received wide critical acclaim and won Australian Writers Guild Awards. Together they will bring Deadloch to life with sparkling scripts, a stellar Australian cast and internationally acclaimed directors. 

Kevin Whyte, Group Managing Director, Guesswork Television said, “Deadloch has been living in the Kates’ imaginations for longer than is healthy, so it is extraordinarily exciting that Prime Video’s customers across the world are going to see Tasmania through their eyes. The entire team at Amazon Studios got this unique project from day one, and we can’t imagine better partners for Deadloch.” 

Taking a step back from leading roles in the series, ‘The Kates’ will focus on showrunning and writing, with Kate McCartney also directing.  Further cast and production announcements will follow as the series commences production in Tasmania this November,


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