Davina Rankin Enters The Jungle Arena

Davina Rankin Enters The Jungle Arena

Another day another celebrity has entered the jungle,

She was once the most trolled person in Australia following an infamous husband-swapping scandal, but four years out of the spotlight, Australia’s original TV “villain” is back to show the country who she really is.

Now a mother-of-one and happily engaged, Davina shot to reality TV infamy when she was involved in an affair with fellow Married At First Sight star, Dean Wells. Davina was supposed to be “married” to former I’m A Celebrity campmate, Ryan Gallagher, so when a extramarital kiss occurred, public outrage and backlash ensued. But now, Davina is ready to flip the script.  

Davina may have kissed a few toads in her life, but the toads of boyfriends past came back to haunt her after she was locked in a room at the end of a dark, toad and rat infested tunnel.

The light at the end of that tunnel was Beau Ryan, who had the task of freeing his newest campmate from her jungle doom before escorting her to her new jungle digs.

Davina entered camp and had the job of helping Poh Ling Yeow and Joey Essex in maintaining David’s deception. In a twist of fate, Davina actually knows David in real life, which nearly saw the secret mission come undone when David squealed with too much excitement after seeing his friend join camp.

And tomorrow in the Aussie Jungle, has David blown his cover to Beau? Plus a medical emergency shakes up the camp.


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