David Genat Crowned Sole Survivor.

David Genat Crowned Sole Survivor.

He played big and he played unapologetically. And tonight, David Genat was crowned Sole Survivor of Australian Survivor: All Stars and added a life changing $500,000 to his bank account.


It began with 24 All Stars ready to outwit, outplay and outlast the very best game players Australian Survivor has ever seen. History was made through the most loyal alliances and spectacular blindsides. One by one they were voted out until three worthy allies – David, Sharn and Moana, were forced to turn on each other and battle it out for the ultimate title of Sole Survivor.

After lasting 49 days, David reflected on his time in the game. He was determined to play it differently this time around after being blindsided with an idol in his pocket in last year’s Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders.

David set out to make bold moves in All Stars but also wanted to make genuine relationships with people. This strategy saw him form the strongest alliance the game has ever seen, and ultimately secured his position in the Top 3.


For Sharn, she was ready to re-write history and take out the win she came so close to getting in the first installment of Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders. Having lost to Shane Gould by only one vote, she wasn’t going to let the title of Sole Survivor slip through her fingers the second time round.


And for Moana, she didn’t come back to have another crack, she came back to win. Having left her previous game on Day 16 due to illness, Moana came back to finish what she started and prove to everyone that she has what it take to win. Coming in with a plan to play a quiet and undercover game, people were wrong to underestimate her ability to play.


For the final immunity challenge, David, Sharn and Moana had to stand on narrow pedestals with one hand on an idol and the other hand holding onto a ring. That ring was attached to a rubber chord which was constantly pulling them away from the idol.


Before they began, the contestants were given something they were desperately needing – a visit from their family. As emotions and tears ran high, David, Moana and Sharn embraced their families and were given the strength to crack on with the final challenge.


As time ticked by and fatigue set in, it was a stark reminder that mental strength was the most important thing needed to win this challenge. After an hour and ten minutes, Moana slipped off the pedestals and was out of the challenge.


As the tide continued to rise and the rain began to pour, it made keeping their grip and balance even more difficult. And then, out of nowhere Sharn slipped off her pedestal and the Golden God won the final and most crucial individual immunity.


When they returned to tribal council, David needed to make his decision about who he would take with him to final tribal council. Both Moana and Sharn pleaded their case to the Golden God but in the end, he chose to take Sharn with him and therefore voting Moana out of the game and onto the Jury.


At the final tribal council, David and Sharn sat in front of the Jury – the nine players they both had a hand in voting out of the game – and put their best arguments forward.


For Sharn, she showcased her impressive 100 days in Australian Survivor across her two seasons, the longest in Australian Survivor history. While she claimed her game play was aggressive and covert, she was quick to point out that the Golden Gold was her Golden Ticket to the end.


For David, he pitched an impressive resume to the Jury, finally being able to reveal himself as the mole among the tribe and how he got his second hidden immunity idol by convincing Phoebe to foolishly share her clue with him. Much to the delight of the Jury! As the only contestant in Australian Survivor history to have two hidden immunity idols, things were looking pretty good for David.


After an intense grilling from the Jury, explaining and justifying their every move, the power shifted to the Jury and it was time for them to place their votes.


Back in Sydney, host Jonathan read out the votes from Los Angeles and the Golden God himself, David Genat, was crowned the winner of Australian Survivor: All Stars.