David Attenborough VS David Attenborough on Sunday

Now this is something of a rarity David Attenborough will be on two channel at once.

You see to fill the gap left by Australia’s Got Talent Channel Nine will screen  David Attenborough’s Secrets of Wild India, starting Sunday, November 17, at 6.30pm on Channel Nine.

Home to over a billion people, India is best known for its colourful and crowded cities and religious devotion. But she also has a wild side.

In this compelling series narrated by Sir David Attenborough we explore the exotic Indian landscape and all its wonderful inhabitants – from the giant elephants that roam the plains to the ferocious tigers of the jungles, and the kings of the animal world, the lions.

Each episode of the three-part series explores a different corner of the country’s extraordinary landscape and the fascinating creatures that call India home.

The premiere takes us south of the Himalayas to the home of the magnificent Indian elephant. These wild plains are also inhabited by rhinoceros, smooth-coated otters and wild buffalo, all living together in a perfectly balanced ecosystem.

Later in the series discover the crowded jungles dominated by the Bengal tiger, where species fight for space, food and water, and the harsh Indian desert where lions, leopards and other wild cats endure sandstorms, droughts and unyielding heat.


Once again Attenborough gives us access to another breathtakingly beautiful part of the planet and introduces us to some of the most fascinating creatures we share the Earth with.

Meanwhile Channel Ten will continue to screen David Attenborough’s  Natural Curiosities. at 6:30 PM on Sunday Night.



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