David and Chiara Reveal is shiny and full of bling

Last night on House Rules the judges arrived in WA where the teams had transformed Chiara and David’s crammed brick house into a glam-luxe home to be proud of.


House Rules
Rule 1 Bring the bling with glam luxe style
Rule 2 Be passionate with red, gold and silver
Rule 3 Turn the lounge room into a swanky cinema
Rule 4 Do something dramatic in a sparkly kitchen
Rule 5 Make the master suite like an OTT 6 star hotel
Bonus Room Rule Style a slammin’ wrestling bedroom for 8-year-old Seth

Jess & Jared: (Entry and master bedroom)

·         Entry: It wasn’t impressive! LLB said, “Oh my god, someone has literally smeared Cher all over this hallway. It’s what you would expect an elderly drag queen to be stepping through to deliver a belting Cher number.” Wendy thought the hanging diamante wall was “mesmerising…  but I don’t like it… it’s tacky.”Jess & Jared: (Entry and master bedroom)

·         Master bedroom: The judges agreed the glam elements worked well separately, but not together. Wendy agreed and said they’ve just layered tack over the top of it and that’s where it’s fallen apart”.

Score 17/30

Josh & Brandon: (Taya’s bedroom and Laundry)

·         Taya’s bedroom: They loved it, but Wendy thought they could have gone a little bit “muddier” with the pink walls to make it feel more grown up.

·         Laundry: The judges weren’t impressed, especially by the 80’s grey. Wendy: “We’ve seen some great laundries so far in this competition, and this isn’t one of them.”

Score 20/30

Toad & Mandy: (Bathroom and Ellie-Mae’s bedroom)

·         Ellie-Mae’s bedroom: It was a success. Wendy thought the wall colour was “the best yellow I’ve ever seen…”.

·         Bathroom: LLB was “genuinely blown away”. The red wall was a winner: “It is absolutely the perfect shade of red… This is absolutely six-star boutique design, ”said LLB.

Score 25/30

Mel & Dave: (Hallway and kitchen)

·         Hallway: LLB likened the yellow tiled wall to a “very 60’s-Bond Girl… I like impact in a hallway.” They thought no one would use the table and chair though.

·         Kitchen: Wendy thought the large space was practical and “a great family kitchen”. The judges were not a fan of the grey cabinetry.

Score 22/30

Leigh & Kristie: (Ensuite, dining room and bonus room)

·         Ensuite: LLB was “heartened” that they took the house rules and modernised them. The judges loved the red, varnished mirror, but thought there were too many patterns on the tile showers.

·         Dining room: The judges were disappointed with the wallpaper; it should have continued throughout the dining and loungeroom zone. Wendy said “it doesn’t feel quite glam-luxe…”.

·         Bonus room: Drew: “This room drives me mad,” as the feature wall had an image which was identical to the bed. LLB didn’t like it because it “wasn’t ‘wrestly’ enough… there should be a lot of showbiz in here but instead it’s all incredibly dull and incredibly grey.”

Score 19/30

Kim & Michelle: (Loungeroom and coffee nook)

·         Loungeroom: It was underwhelming. The judges were (again) disappointed the wallpaper from the dining room didn’t flow through to the lounge. LLB was upset they didn’t produce something glamorous, when they had the separate elements right there.

·         Coffee nook: The judges thought It was a random addition to the “glitzy” house and didn’t fit in. LLB said, “I think this is dead in the water.”

Score 16/30

Update June 16

WA couple Chiara and David made an emotional return to their renovated home. “We are the luckiest…. this doesn’t even seem real!” Chiara said.  David added: “I can’t wipe the grin off my face. I’ve finally got a house my kids can be proud of.”

SA Jess & Jared: (Entry and master bedroom)

·         Entry:  Chiara was overcome with emotion. David said: “This is amazing. We have an entry.  We are so lucky.” They loved the statement piece and the creativity of the black wall and thought the house rules were hit.

·         Master bedroom: They loved the master bedroom, but thought it was smaller and Chiara wasn’t sure what pattern to look at first.

SCORE  8/10

NSW Toad & Mandy: (Bathroom and Ellie-Mae’s bedroom)

·         Bathroom: Chiara exclaimed: “This is awesome!” David uttered: “Wow!” They loved the red subway tiles, skylight and pendant and marvelled at the size of the shower. “They’ve knocked it out of the park with this.”

·         Ellie-Mae’s bedroom: Ellie-Mae loved it while Chiara and David thought the statement piece worked well in the bedroom. David was so impressed: “It’s perfect; it’s just what we need for Ellie Mae.”

SCORE 10/10

QLD Josh & Brandon: (Laundry and Taya’s bedroom)

·         Laundry:  They liked the laundry with David calling it a ‘hidden surprise.’ Chiara loved the colours that hit the house rules of silver, red and gold. David said: “You really made use of what you had.  I couldn’t fault it.”

·         Taya’s bedroom:  Chiara was gobsmacked: “Oh my goodness!” David thought the bedroom was cool and Taya was delighted with her new pop princess bedroom. Chiara said: “You gave her a dream come true!”

SCORE 10/10

QLD Mel & Dave: (Kitchen and hallway)

·         Hallway:  David thought the 3D wallpaper was clever. “I really love it… this is beautiful.” Chiara questioned if they would use the desk space. But they both loved the artwork

·         Kitchen: David was overwhelmed with emotion: “Is this my kitchen?” Chiara was speechless until she saw the red dishwasher proclaiming, “Oh my goodness! Look how cool that is.” The whole kitchen was deemed ‘next level’ by David and they loved how they could see the kids out the window. “I absolutely love everything in here”

SCORE 9/10


NSW Kim & Michelle: (Loungeroom and coffee nook)

·         Coffee nook:  David thought they’d created a personalised zone for them to sit and make coffee.

·         Loungeroom: David notices the great divide in the wall (between the dining and lounge). Chiara feels like it doesn’t flow. David: “There’s been no communication between these two teams; they could have worked together to make this area flow.” They both love the red statement piece chair and the wallpaper.  Chiara thinks the wall detailing is creative. They agree the area is swanky.

SCORE 8/10

VIC Leigh and Kristie: (Ensuite, dining room and bonus room)

·         Ensuite: They loved the double basin and tiles. Chiara said: “They’ve definitely hit the over-the-top six-star rule.” David’s only gripe was the lack of gold.

·         Dining room: It brought the bling.  They both loved the wallpaper but felt it should have continued. Chiara said: “It’s very odd, it just doesn’t flow.”

·         Seth’s bedroom:  Seth asked, “Is this really mine? Oh, my god!” while praising the room. However, the bed broke while David leaned on it. They loved the creativity but found flaws. “I expected the bed to be sturdier”

SCORE 9/10



With one interior renovation left and only one point separating rival teams Leigh & Kristie and Kim & Michelle at the bottom of the overall leaderboard, host Johanna Griggs said: “You two teams are going to have to pull out something magical and miraculous at Toad and Mandy’s home.”