Dave drops out of the Big Brother House

A clean shave couldn’t save Strategy Dave from eviction last night.

Quizzed by host Sonia Kruger on his Strategy Dave nickname, David said: “I believe I played myself, but when the opportunity arose you have to play the game. I got christened with it (the name), so I played up to it a little bit.”

Of his nemesis Priya, David said: “Priya is a great player in the game and I have the utmost respect for her. We are so alike and that’s why we clash heads constantly.”


Describing his relationship with Skye, David admitted: “I don’t have someone like Skye in my circle of friends. We are different ends of the spectrum.”


After Sonia showed David footage of the ongoing “Chloe” gag, revealing that Chloe in fact was not a real person, David said: “I am devo’d. I had a date set up at the Rose Hotel in Chippendale.”


David’s eviction leaves a gender imbalance in the House for finale week, with Ryan and Travis to battle it out against Priya, Skye, Lina and Penny.


The voting lines are now reopened for the Australian public to vote for their favourite Housemate to be crowned the winner of Big Brother 2014.


Tune in to Big Brother tonight at 8.30pm on GO! to see the Housemates reflect on their best and worst moments in the House.


To vote for your favourite Housemate to win, call the numbers below:


Priya    1902 55 95 12

Ryan   1902 55 95 13

Skye    1902 55 95 15

Travis  1902 55 95 16

Lina     1902 55 95 19

Penny  1902 55 95 20


To vote for your favourite Housemate to win, text one of their names to 199 55 999, only one name by SMS at a time.