Darron Delight as Neighbours makes history

Tonight Neighbours makes history with the first legal same sex wedding on Australian TV and fans are advised to not miss this one.

Love, excitement, and romance is in the air in Erinsborough as the day everyone has been waiting for is here. A couple of months ago, viewers witnessed the pair’s engagement whilst they were on an intimate picnic at the beach. In a spontaneous, bold and romantic display of love, Aaron (Matt Wilson) proposed to David (Takaya Honda) following an honest conversation about their futures. However, much like their history as a couple, things didn’t go exactly to plan when it was revealed that David had also planned to propose that day.

After accepting each other’s proposals, their journey to the altar commenced, but in true Neighbours style, their journey to marital bliss hasn’t been without last-minute disasters, injuries and family drama.

When the episode opens, Aaron’s mother Fay (Zoe Bertram) returns for the big day. After a communication mix-up, the boys are on the hunt for a new celebrant and one is found in television and film actress, comedian, writer and one of the most prominent faces of the Marriage Equality campaign in Australia, Magda Szubanski, who plays Jemima Davies-Smythe. But that’s not the only drama pre-wedding.

As Aaron makes his way to the ceremony, he starts to feel the pressure from the whole day and things go from bad to worse when he throws his back out. Will he be able to walk down the aisle? You will have to wait and see.

The casting of Magda as Jemima was a nice nod given the role she played in the real-life debate, and it’s nice to know she wasn’t cast just for this storyline- she has a connection to the street which once revealed will be explored.

Matt Wilson and Takaya Honda deliver memorable performances as their characters’ relationship finally takes a big step.

Tonight and tomorrow night are history-making episodes which will long be remembered as being near perfect.

Neighbours airs 6:30 pm weeknights on Eleven