Daniel brings the drama to Paradise

Another day in paradise brought a new arrival and a whole lot of drama.

With more bachelors than bachelorettes, the original men were not pleased when US Bachelor  Jared arrived in paradise, boasting a date card.

Jared felt like he had a good conversation with Megan and asked to take her on a date. Surprised, Megan took him outside to chat as she did not feel a spark, but Jared convinced her to give him a chance.

Jarrod could not help but notice the flirting between Daniel and Keira. After putting his heart on the line for Keira, this made him ready to call it quits and leave paradise.  Sensing something was wrong, Keira pulled Jarrod aside and admitted to liking both him and Daniel, but Jarrod refused to wait around and get hurt, so he ended things with her.  Jared and Megan returned from cruising around the islands of Fiji. Although they enjoyed each other’s company, Megan decided they were best as friends, much to Jake’s relief.

Grant took Ali away for a mini date to spend time together. He told her how much he enjoyed her company and the loved-up pair shared a romantic first kiss, cementing them as a new couple in paradise.

After watching Daniel talk to Nina, Keira realised she may have tried to run away from her feelings about Jarrod and took him aside to admit she liked him more than she led on. Although Jarrod was cautious, he took her word for it and they shared a first kiss.

While Keira was away with Jarrod, Daniel moved onto Laurina, which frustrated the Australian bachelors who saw through him and felt he was a sleaze with bad intentions.

Changing her mind every minute, Keira started to doubt her connection with Jarrod and wanted to continue to see where things went with Daniel. While the pair were hidden in her room, they shared a secretive kiss.



With tensions rising and love triangles becoming messy, host Osher Günsberg arrived to tell the bachelors and bachelorettes that a rose ceremony was happening tonight.


At the rose ceremony, Leah gave a rose to Michael, Tara gave a rose to Sam, Lisa gave a rose to Luke, Megan gave a rose to Jake and Ali gave a rose to Grant. Much to Daniel’s surprise, Nina gave a rose to long-time love interest Eden and Laurina gave a rose to Jared, as she felt he was genuine and kind.

That left Keira as the last bachelorette standing and torn between Jarrod and Daniel. After much deliberation, Keira gave a rose to Jarrod, leaving Daniel, Blake and Mack without a rose.

On leaving paradise, Daniel said: “Am I upset or heartbroken I’m leaving? No. I’m more upset I didn’t get to work out at the gym. A lot of these ladies are getting kind of stale. I’m not hurt by any means.”

On tomorrow night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, new arrivals Elora and Simone from Matty J’s season of The Bachelor Australia land in paradise and Laurina receives a date card that sets her off in the wrong direction