Daniel arrives to shake up Paradise again

An old flame returned to Paradise and another is on the way.

After a nail-biting rose ceremony, Alisha started to question whether she had made the right decision in giving her rose to Jules and sending home Wes. What she did know for sure was that she was going to remain in “independent woman” mode.

Zoe O’Brien was still unsure if Nathan liked her, Tenille  was feeling overwhelmed by Ivan and Florence was hoping a new arrival would help with her current love rut.

Cue Canadian Daniel. A Bachelor in Paradise veteran, Daniel was hoping to come in, not throw all his eggs in one basket and shake things up a bit.

With a date card in hand, everyone was quick to remember his antics from last year and were less than impressed. Alisha on the other hand was in full rebound mode and happy for any distraction. She also found him absolutely stunning.

Ivan and Nathan tried to school Daniel up about who was vibing with who and in the end he chose Alisha for the date.

With Tenille not on the date, Ivan took the chance to check in with her. She was frustrated to hear that Ivan had warned Daniel off and asked him to cool things a bit. He chose to ignore her request by kissing her on the forehead.

On their date, Alisha and Daniel had to build a raft and there was plenty of sexual innuendo around the wood. When they pulled up to a secluded beach, Alisha explained how her journey had progressed so far and after a lot ofjoking about being a rebound, Alisha took charge and they kissed.

Nathan and Tenille checked in with each other and Tenille realised that Ivan’s overprotectiveness was too much. Arriving back in Paradise with Daniel, Alisha was eager for Jules to see her with someone else.

Zoe took Nathan aside to get some clarity on where they were at and was disappointed that the rumours she had heard from others were true. Agitated that he hadn’t come to her first, Zoe broke down in tears.

Jules pulled Alisha aside for a mini date that he had prepared to reignite the spark. Alisha appreciated the effort but wondered if 2004 pop sensation JoJo was right and it was “just too little too late”.

The next day saw Alisha feeling like Stella with her groove back. Tenille was feeling stressed out and Nathan found a date card with Daniel’s name on it. Ivan was sure he would pick Tenille but it was Flo.

Tenille found Ivan’s over the top reaction to her not being chosen too much and took him aside to set things straight. She said that while she enjoyed spending time with him, it had all happened so quickly and that it was time to call things off.


Ivan eventually walked off and the girls showed Tenille support over the way she ended things. Ivan was visibly upset and after a few tears he asked Bill for support.

Osher arrived to let everyone know Davey Lloyd was on his way back to Paradise, which turned the rose power in favour of the girls again.