Dancing With The Stars February 23

Dancing With The Stars February 23

Get the tissues ready! The nine celebrities left in 10’s Dancing With The Stars will have us feeling all the feels when they explore the most memorable year of their life this Sunday.

Whether it’s heartbreaking, celebratory or poignant, no emotional stone will be left unturned when they pay homage to the most significant time of their lives through dance.

In the season’s first contemporary routine, Chloe Lattanzi will address the year she decided to put all her energy toward a more hopeful future for herself and her family. Coming to terms with her mum, Olivia Newton John’s battle with cancer, she was able to shift her focus from the fear of losing her mum to one of hope and celebrating life.

Angie Kent will honour her grandma Fae who passed away in 2018. An accomplished dancer in her own right, Nana Fae always encouraged Angie to follow her dreams and Angie will dance the waltz for her.

Dancing the samba, early favourite Celia Pacquola will take us back to 2002, the year she and her mum, Pam went on a girl’s trip to the United States. This trip went on to inspire Celia to write her second stand up show about strong, independent women like her mum.

For Travis Cloke, the year was 2010, the year his team, the Collingwood Football Club, won the Premiership. Travis was instrumental in getting his team to a win and will relive the moment in a fiery Paso Doble.

Finding himself in the bottom two last week, Ed Kavalee will be out to prove himself when he dances the jive. He takes a look back to 2006, the year all his stars aligned, and he got his first big break on television.

Claudia Karvan will quick step her way back to 2018, a transformation year for her and her brother Rupert, who suffers from schizophrenia. In an effort to help him live with his illness, they took a leap of faith and it paid off.

Dancing a contemporary routine Beau Ryan will mark his most memorable year, the year he married the love of his life, Kara and Christian Wilkins will relive his childhood by dancing the foxtrot.

Dami Im will look back to 2013, the year she won The X Factor and launched her international singer-songwriter career with a contemporary dance.

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 Sunday, 23 February at 7.30pm on 10