Dancing With the Stars: All Stars take on The Chase

Dancing With the Stars: All Stars take on The Chase

They’re All Stars on the dancefloor, but can they outfox-trot The Supernerd? Find out when The Chase Dancing With The Stars: All Stars edition premieres on Monday.

In the special event, Dancing With the Stars: All Stars’ Kylie Gillies, Ricki-Lee, Grant Denyer and Todd McKenney will need more than fancy footwork to tango with this fast-paced race of razor-sharp trivia.

“You’re on my turf here, so watch out!” warns The Supernerd, refusing to be overshadowed by any shining stars. 

The Chase host and former Dancing With the Stars contestant, Larry Emdur, says the upcoming special episode is not to be missed: “This has got to be one of my favourite episodes of The Chase. They were all behaving like naughty, out-of-control school kids. 

“Ricki-Lee was awesome fun. We all got the chance to judge Todd and, of course, it was great to see Kylie sweat a little. And seeing Grant try to be a contestant instead of a host was uncomfortably fabulous!” 

The Chase is an ITV Studios Australia production for the Seven Network based on the original ITV quiz show.

The Chase Dancing With the Stars: All Stars Premieres 5.00pm next Monday, 14 February on Channel 7


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