Dan Finds Himself In A Fishy Situation.

Dan Finds Himself In A Fishy Situation.

The judges welcomed the legendary Josh Niland of Saint Peter and The Fish Company             Butchery in Sydney, back to the MasterChef kitchen. 

Josh showed the contestants how to use one whole fish across three courses. Inspired by what Josh had showcased, the contestants were challenged to use one Murray Cod to create three dishes across a possible three rounds. 

After round one Linda, Pete, Kishwar, Amir, Maja, Dan and Minoli were at the bottom of the pack and sent into round two. Pete, Amir and Dan found themselves in round three, cooking to save their place in the competition. 

Pete’s sophisticated poached cod, kohlrabi, cod skins and cod stock was a knockout. Jock said it was a stylish plate of food and Mel applauded its elegance and minimalism. 

Amir’s Middle Eastern fish dumplings, lemon broth and capsicum jam had flaws, but the judges said he displayed clever thinking by utilising the offcuts of the fish.

Dan’s dish looked confused and he hoped the flavours could save him. Josh and the judges praised how the fish was cooked but said the dish lacked ingenuity. Unlike Amir, Dan didn’t utilise all parts of the fish and that saw him sent home from the MasterChef kitchen.


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