Cupid Strikes Twice as The Bachelorette ends for 2020

Cupid Strikes Twice as The Bachelorette ends for 2020

In the magical season finale of The Bachelorette Australia, Bachelorette sisters Elly and Becky Miles, opened their hearts to their chosen men

With Elly and Becky’s parents unable to meet the top four Bachelors in person, the Bachelorettes had some fun-filled final dates planned, where they’d have one last chance to spend time with their beaus, and make sure nothing was left unsaid.


For their final date, Elly took Joe paddle boarding along the river. The two were effortlessly comfortable together. Not wanting to leave with any regrets, Joe revealed to Elly that he was starting to fall in love with her, and that he couldn’t imagine a future without her.


Ready to leap into love, Becky and Pete went skydiving for their adrenalinefilled final date. After landing, the two had a candid chat about how Pete was feeling, and whether he still had his guard up. Noting that he’d been hurt in the past, Pete told Becky that he didn’t know if he was ready for the next step, but he wanted to be.


In Elly’s final date with Frazer, she got back to her country roots. After a romantic tractor ride, the two addressed the scarecrow in the room – the fact they lived in two different states. Agreeing that they weren’t after a long-distance relationship, Elly reassured Frazer she’d be willing to move for love but needed to know he would be 100% committed to making things work.


With undeniable chemistry between the pair, Becky knew this was her last chance to see if Adrian was truly ready for a serious relationship. Surprising Adrian with a mud bath, the passion they had for each other was at an alltime peak. Assuring Becky he’s ready for the next step, Adrian admitted he was falling in love.


At the Commitment Ceremony, Becky made the difficult decision to end her romance with Adrian, explaining that while their chemistry was intense, she needed to trust her gut. Adrian wished Becky all the best for the future and understood that she needed to follow her heart.             

In a stunning floral oasis, Becky told Pete that he was the man she wanted to be with. Excited to build a future together, Becky was happy to call Pete her boyfriend.

Knowing which way her heart was pointing, and devastated at the prospect of hurting someone, Elly made a surprise visit to Joe. She sat down with Joe to explain that he is everything she’s looking for, but her heart belongs to someone else. Appreciating that Elly took the time to find him and explain her choice, Joe and Elly were both visibly emotional and upset.


Having always known there was something special between the two, Elly explained to Frazer that they share the same values, life philosophy, and that she can clearly see their future together. Their relationship felt so right, and both were beyond happy to take the next step in their relationship.


With both ladies confident in their choice, they toasted to the future and happy days to come.