Crushing injury sends another recruit packing on SAS Australia

Crushing injury sends another recruit packing on SAS Australia

Tonight the SAS recruits faced their fears.

As the 10 remaining recruits passed the halfway mark on course, Pauly was again at odds with the other celebrities who believe he’s not pulling his weight around base camp.  

The day’s first task saw recruits re-enact a hostage scenario, bound and placed in the boot of a moving car before trying to make their escape from the vehicle and their captors.

While some recruits waited for the right moment to break free, others like Locky Gilbert timed their escape too soon, drawing the ire of the DS: “You’re not Rambo!”

The DS decided to dig deeper into Barry’s motivations after noticing his calm approach to the task, but as the AFL great revealed, things weren’t always that way.

“My childhood was a little bit dysfunctional,” Barry admitted during an emotional interrogation. “There wasn’t much love in the household. I would go home to Dad and brag about the fights I was in and try and get his approval. Being a Dad myself now, I can’t get my head around how you could be the way he was.

“I’ve got a bit of an anger issue or I had an anger issue and it builds up, explodes and I go f***, what did I do that for? I’ve done some things I probably shouldn’t have but I don’t actually regret them because it’s got me to the place that I’m at now.”

The battle-weary recruits’ next task was rounds of hand-to-hand combat, designed to determine the King – or Queen – of the Ring.

Barry popped a rib out during a clash with Locky, the pain ultimately driving his reluctant decision to withdraw from the course: “I didn’t want to go out with injury. Wiser heads prevail. I would have loved to have completed it but stuff happens.”

Despite his success in the wrestling battle, Locky’s reckless behaviour in the escape task angered the DS, who later questioned the “f***ing fake hero” about his selfish attitude.

“I totally 100% agree, I know I’m selfish,” said Locky. “It kills me that I do it because I know that it hurts everyone. I know that people can’t work with me when I’m just thinking about myself. That’s the reason I’m here because I think I’m learning how to deal with it.”


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