The Crown Season 2 Review

There was some trepidation sitting down to watch the second season of The Crown given how much enjoyment I had devouring the first season over three days but were my concerns warranted.

When season two of The Crown kicks off, we pick up where season one ended- Prince Phillip (Matt Smith) was about to embark on a five-month tour of the Commonwealth. Over the course of ten unforgettable hours, three of which were watched prior to writing this review.

The show’s second season covers nine years of monarchy history from 1956 to 1964. The season opens with a storm raging over Lisbon, creating a visual mirror to the unfolding events as Elisabeth (Claire Foy) and Philip are facing their own personal crisis in the middle of dealing with an international one.

Fan favorite Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) is back, still troubled by trying to pursue a love match with divorcee Peter Townsend (Ben Miles) in the first season. Margret’s story this season is a true highlight as she tries to move forward.

The Crown has a very skilled way of having episodes be self-contained while at the same time maintaining a larger narrative, with the personal crisis’ impact being felt throughout the season.

The casting is without question top notch and Claire Foy once again steals the show with her ability to convey so much with the simplest of facial expressions. Matt Smith is given his own chance to shine as we not only get an episode dedicated to the trip, his character is also given lots of character development this season and it’s a masterstroke of genius.

All ten episodes were once again written by Peter Morgan, who manages to serve up another season that is both intense and intriguing in equal measure. Grab the tea and settle in for another chapter with the royals- you won’t be disappointed, it’s magnificent.

5 Stars

The Crown Season 2 streams from Friday, December 8 on Netflix