Croc Blindsided

Croc Blindsided

Having been blindsided the night before, Ben made sure the tables were turned for tonight’s Tribal Council.

Earlier at the Immunity Challenge, Jesse ‘whispered “throw”, to signal to Blue Tribe to throw the challenge so they could head to Tribal Council and finish Ben’s blindside. For the challenge, tribes needed to work together to pass balls through a maze with a paddle, but with Blue intentionally dropping the balls, Red secured the win.

Returning to camp, strategy talks fired up amongst the Blue Tribe where they planned to finish the job and send Ben home once and for all. Croc, however, was worried about his alliances and decided to keep Ben safe and blindside Jesse. Ben, still burnt from the night before, didn’t want to play a safe game anymore and turned the game on its head again by telling Jesse that Croc was coming for him, so he could get Jesse on side.

At Tribal Council, Ben’s play paid off and Croc was sent home with an idol in his pocket. Distraught Chrissy was inconsolable and she’s out for blood when Australian Survivor: Blood V Water continues tomorrow.


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