Crimes That Shook Australia returns to Foxtel

Crimes That Shook Australia returns to Foxtel

The second season of Foxtel’s critically acclaimed series Crimes That Shook Australia returns to the crime + investigation network later this month 

Presented by award-winning journalist and Sky News anchor Stan Grant, the 8 part documentary series explores some of the most notorious crimes Australia has ever seen, told through the eye witness experience of the people who were right at the heart of the tragedies, including the police and the victims’ families.

 Through gripping interviews, dramatic reconstructions and archival footage, Crimes That Shook Australia details the events leading up to the crime, the crime itself and its enduring effect on the national consciousness.

The stories documented in the eight-part series are, in order: Robert Farquharson, Peter Falconio, the Strathfield massacre, Darcey Freeman, the Russell Street bombing, Raechel Betts, the Hoddle Street massacre and Gerard Baden-Clay.

Episode one investigates the story of Robert Farquharson, whose chilling crime has been etched on the minds of many Australians since 2005, when Farquharson drove his car in to a dam off the Princes Highway on Father’s Day, killing his three sons.

Originally Farquharson claimed to have blacked out during a coughing fit, only to be found guilty of murder after a long and highly publicised trial. In August, 2013, his latest appeal for freedom was rejected, finally bringing an end to his family’s ordeal.

Crimes That Shook Australia season two starts Sunday, May 29 at 7.30pm AEST on crime + investigation