COVID-19 hits the Big Brother house

its a big episode of Big Brother tonight as A COVID-19 scare forced the Big Brother house into lockdown but it didn’t stop the housemates playing the game.

After messages from home the game continued as normal.

Big Brother offered one housemate an edge by throwing a scavenger hunt. Hidden somewhere within the house was a Big Brother token. The first to find it would have to go to the diary room to find out what their game changing advantage would be. Sarah found the token and was told she could remove herself or a fellow housemate from eviction if nominated after the next challenge.

Musical Chairs – Positioned throughout the house were eight unique chairs of all shapes and sizes. When the alarm sounded, housemates had to run to the target in the loungeroom. When the alarm stopped, they had to race to sit in a chair. The housemate left without a chair was out of the challenge and so on and so on until there was one person left who won the power to nominate three housemates for eviction.

Chad put best friends Xavier and Casey up for eviction alongside pal Sarah, who he knew had found Big Brother’s secret token which would keep her safe from eviction.

Given the chance to remove a major player, Daniel and Mat turned on their former ally and Xavier was evicted from the house.

Xavier Molyneux, Sydney – “If you wanted to vote out the more strategical player it was definitely me. Dan and Mat got me real good. If I was in their position, I’d probably make the same move so no hard feelings. I’ve been in there for 30 days and it was a pressure cooker situation. It was so much fun getting to know everybody and it was a great experience all round so one hundred percent I’d do it again.”