Courtney calls the shots on The Bachelorette

Courtney calls the shots on The Bachelorette

After receiving the First Impression Rose from Georgia at the first cocktail party, Courtney was given the Golden Date Card, which gives him the power to plan a single and group date for Georgia and the Bachelors of his choice.

Courtney chose to use his date card this week and arrived at the Bachelorette mansion driving a blue Kombi van to surprise Georgia for their first single date.

Back at the Bachelor pad, Courtney left his group date card for the Bachelors to find while he was gone. The clue read “Who is ready for some trash talk” and the Bachelors selected to go on the date were Ryan, Tommy, Matt, Cameron, Jake and Clancy.

To help Georgia get to know him better, Courtney designed his single date to best represent who he is and what he enjoys doing. The first activity of the day was a childhood favourite of his called “scurfing”, where a surfboard is tugged on the back of a boat.

Courtney impressed Georgia with his scurfing skills, while making her laugh. Then it was Georgia’s turn and Courtney was pleased to see her have fun and give it a go.

Next was a romantic evening at a local café Courtney used to visit with his family. He then pulled out a pirate costume for them both to wear and embrace their inner child.

It was not long before the conversation drifted into more serious topics as Courtney revealed he had not been on a date for five years. Georgia asked if he is ready to settle down, to which Courtney said he cannot wait to fall in love again. The night ended on a high when Georgia gave Courtney a rose. He leant in for a hug but much to Georgia’s disappointment, they did not kiss. After a fun-filled day, both Georgia and Courtney were *left smitten and wanting to spend more time together.

For Courtney’s group date, the Bachelors arrived to find Courtney and Georgia standing with Osher.

Courtney explained that as a young boy, he and his friends loved billy kart racing and that is what they were going to do today. In pairs, Georgia and the Bachelors got ready to race. Courtney and Georgia zoomed ahead, followed closely by Tommy and Matt, with Cam and Ryan and Jake and Clancy falling far behind. But the wheel of Georgia and Courtney’s billy kart fell off, allowing Tommy and Matt to win the race.


It was then up to Courtney to decide who Georgia would spend one-on-one time with after the date. He picked Tommy, as he had not had the chance to get to know Georgia very well yet. On their date, Tommy and Georgia discussed past relationships, Tommy’s time in the army and what they are looking for in a partner.

At the cocktail party, the competitive sides of the Bachelors started to emerge. Donning aprons, Sam and Jake surprised Georgia with a melting chocolate dessert they had made. Georgia was blown away and called the delicious masterpiece “the bubble of trouble”.

With only nine roses left to give, a teary Georgia sent Tommy home and walked him out to say thank you and goodbye.

On leaving the mansion, Tommy said: “I really want to spend the rest of my life making someone happy, obviously it’s not going to be Georgia. I just hope she finds what she’s looking for.”