Court Justice: Sydney to premiere in July

The ground-breaking new observational documentary series, Court Justice: Sydney will premiere on Foxtel’s Crime + Investigation next month.

In an Australian television first, cameras have been allowed inside one of the world’s busiest local courts, The Downing Centre in Sydney, taking viewers to the absolute front line of Australia’s legal system.

Produced by CJZ for Foxtel, this fascinating 10-part series will give viewers an unprecedented look in to the daily machinations of the courts’ Magistrates, as they preside over a huge array of cases from drug possession and drink driving, to assault, theft and vandalism.

The 12 magistrates that preside at The Downing Centre, under the leadership of Chief Magistrate Judge Graeme Henson, handle over 30,000 cases every year, from minor traffic offences to major assaults. It is a world filled with emotion and drama where defendants, ranging from habitual offenders to everyday citizens who have made one bad mistake, stream through the courtroom doors every day.

In episode one of Court Justice: Sydney, we see Sydney’s top Magistrates dealing with a violent street brawl that has a very surprising outcome; a long-running stoush between neighbours – and a father of three facing graffiti charges.

Court Justice: Sydney will premiere  on Foxtel’s Crime + Investigation on Sunday, July 2 at 7.30pm AEST.