Couples Therapy Australia Review

Couples Therapy Australia Review

Today Paramount+ launches its next Australian original in Couples Therapy Australia.

This documentary series provides Australian viewers unprecedented access into the private world of couples therapy, providing a rare insight into the therapeutic process as each brave couple face and move through their challenges to find fresh avenues of healing, growth an connection.

Overseeing the therapy sessions is Marryam Chehelnabi, who says of her role: “I’m not here to fix or solve anything, and I can’t do any of that, even if I wanted to. My work involves collaborating to develop their relationship skills.”

The couples allowing us a glimpse inside their relationships are: Cat (41) and Doug (44) who have been together for 6 years, engaged for 4 years, have 2-year old twins, and who’s bright exterior hides a sadness that has brought them to couples therapy; and Stef (30) and Polly (29) who have been together for 12 years, married for 5 years, have 2 children, and who have a great love story but difference in parenting and communication styles that have driven a wedge between the childhood sweethearts.

Then there’s Brendon (48) and Scott (54) who have been together for 2 years, engaged for 6 months, and have come to couples therapy to sort out their conflicts before they tie the knot, with their biggest issue being the effect of drinking on their relationship.

The six-episode first season follow these three couples with each 25-minute episode equally focused on the couples and issues in a weekly therapy session.

It’s a simple but effect premise that delivers compelling television.

3 Stars

Couples Therapy Australia premieres Tuesday 26 July on Paramount+.


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