Cosentino: Serves up One Last Magic Trick next week

Cosentino: Serves up One Last Magic Trick next week

Channel 7 will screen the final part of  Cosentino The Magic, The Mystery, The Madness next Wednesday.

Grand Illusionist and Dancing With The Stars contestant, Cosentino, has received more than 400 video applications from people wanting to be his assistant. The flood of entries came after he announced his latest stunt requires a volunteer whom he has never met before.

In this finale episode of The Magic, The Mystery, The Madness, Cosentino says he will hypnotise the winning applicant in preparation for his most puzzling stunt to date – to levitate a complete stranger who will float on nothing but thin air.

Equally confounding is Cosentino’s plan to be locked inside a wooden box at the base of a public concrete skateboarding bowl. With no possible trapdoors, or other escape options, he will be surrounded by public bystanders as he attempts to free himself without touching any of the locks.

Cosentino’s off-stage action continues as he ventures into public bars to challenge doubters and skeptics. With his back turned and eyes closed, Cosentino attempts to mind-read the taste on the lips of volunteers who sip different flavoured drinks.

Revealing his softer side, Cosentino visits his former high school and recounts his childhood struggle with literacy. His teacher recalls how this shy and introverted teenager transformed himself into a confident, spell binding performer.

Wednesday November 20 at 7.30pm on Seven.


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