Cop Couple Can’t Reach The Pit Stop

Cop Couple Can’t Reach The Pit Stop

Following yet another Virtual Pit Stop, teams drove to the colonial town of Izamal, known as the yellow city of Mexico, for the next leg of The Amazing Race Australia.

After enjoying the sights of the mustard-coloured buildings, our racers landed at their first challenge. Teams had to memorise and perform a Traditional Yucatan Dance – but not just any traditional dance, it was the Traditional Yucatan Bottle Dance, which involves balancing a bottle on top of your noggin. While some racers were getting flashbacks to their party days, Angel and Frankie were able to find their centre of balance first and nail the task to get the next clue. 

With Tiffany and Cynthia hot on their tails, and the other teams not too far behind, Angel and Frankie arrived at Convento de San Antonio de Padua where everyone’s maths skills were put to the test. The teams had to count the interior and exterior arches surrounding the atrium, and then use these numbers to work out an equation to find the name of an intersection and marked door in the city, before heading to the location by horse and carriage. 

Being a maths teacher, Kelly thought he had this challenge in the bag, but when working together with other teams, it all got a bit confusing with too many cooks in the kitchen. They eventually worked out the puzzle, with Pako and Mori and Lauren and Steph bringing up the rear, before moving onto a Roadblock.

This next challenge put the handbrake on all the teams that were steaming ahead. Sew much embroidery, sew little time! A member of each team was faced with a needle and thread to complete an embroidered flower design. Pako and Mori, who were one of the last teams to arrive, knocked it out of the park to leave first, with Angel and Frankie, Heath and Toni and Tiffany and Cynthia close behind and racing to the Pit Stop. Eventually Lauren and Steph got the all clear, leaving Kelly and Georgia struggling on their own, before also finally working their magic on the fabric in front of them.

To reach the spec-taco-lar Pit Stop location, teams hopped on bikes to get to the Cenote X-Canche. All teams ziplined and swam to Beau’s floating mat. Toni and Health checked in first, while tenacious newlyweds, Kelly and Georgia made up a spot in the race to the Pit Stop to secure second last place. Unfortunately for our cop couple, Lauren and Steph, the Cenote was too dark and unsafe for them to take part in the final stage of the leg, with Beau meeting them mid-cycle to pass on their elimination fate.


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