Cookbook Challenge leads to elimination

My Kitchen Rules farewelled another team last night as the competition entered into it’s next phase.

The top team from each Instant Restaurant round were granted imunity and were  safe from the cook and from the next elimination 

The remaining 12 teams went through Pete and Manu’s cookbooks to choose a recipe to cook in Kitchen HQ today – all from memory. Teams had the choice of following the recipe or adding their own twist. Their fate was decided in three rounds.

The first six teams prepared and served entrée. 

Mark & Chris      Kingfish with Parsnip Purée, Pickled Onion and Speck

Brett & Marie    Sautéed Squid with Malaysian Spinach

Caitie & Demi     Japanese Pancake with Scallops and Shiitake Mushrooms

Della & Tully       Deep-Fried Coral Trout Salad with Japanese Dressing

Tim & Kyle           Calves Liver with Caramelised Onion

Court & Duncan           Mussels with Speck and Cider


 The other six teams prepared and served a main. 

David & Betty    Tomato Prawn Curry

Damo & Caz        Fillet of Venison with Pepper Sauce

Josh & Amy        Chilli Mud Crab

Karen & Ros       Brazillian Fish Stew

Mell & Cyn          Spatchcock with Preserved Lemon, Chilli and Rosemary

Albert & Dave    Pearl Barley Risotto with Wild Mushrooms

The results saw both Mark & Chris and David and Betty safe with the best dishes of the day.  Court & Duncan faced Albert and Dave in a desert cook off.

Court and Duncan chose to make chocolate pudding with hazelnut shortbread and Chantilly cream. Albert and Dave went for red bean pancake with mango sago soup.

Pete praised the   sago, saying it “was beautifully flavoured and the combination of mango and grapefruit was nice” but Feildel criticised the pancake saying it was “a little tough, a little chewy and really hard to get through”.

Court and Duncan’s chocolate pudding was bitter and needed sweetness but it was set properly.

“The spoon was sliding through that chocolate pudding like it should have,” Manu said.

In a close decision, Court and Duncan were safe with Albert and Dave sent packing.