Conor fails to master his dish

Conor fails to master his dish

It was the final day of Masters Week and celebrity chef andmaster of meats, Curtis Stone, kicked off the two round elimination challenge – round one would see contestants cook a beef dish in teams. The two least impressive pairs would send their makers into round two.  

In the tasting, Linda and Sabina’s Massaman curry received a big tick from the judges, and Jess and Scott’s grilled oyster blade was applauded for being perfectly cooked.

The least impressive dishes were Amir and Conon’s Greek beef stew which was deemed too dry, and Dan and Justin’s seared sirloin which was not tender enough. 

In round two, the contestants had 75 minutes to show the judges a masterful dish of their own choosing.

Justin decided to make his masala spiced sweet potato tacos served on blue corn tortillas and the judges couldn’t fault it. Dan prepared bao buns with pan fried duck, plum sauce and pickled vegetables and they were a winner. Amir made his grandmother’s falafels, Jock noted that they tasted rushed, but they were still some of the best falafels he had ever eaten.

But it was Conor’s green olive ice cream that failed to meet the mark of a master. His grainy and lumpy ice cream was not the work of a professional and sent him home from the MasterChef kitchen.


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